Kiko is my nickname and so when I began working with clay I decided to sign an object made for my mother with that name and hence it became to Logo of my studio pottery range. The objects I make are very personal, they reflect the way I feel about the aesthetics of life, they are useful and amusing, imbued with the joy I still feel after twenty years of working with clay.

My partner Fausto and I have two sons, Giorgio and Riccardo, Fausto is a blacksmith and we often work together on collaborative pieces, all of the ironwork in our home and the B&B is made by him.

We have three dogs, two cats, fish, some toads, hedgehogs and many other tiny creatures, even the fireflies are back! 

My Bachelor Degree in Psychology is in a drawer somewhere though I probably use it much more than I realize just to survive in this strange and difficult society! 

I speak three languages thanks to my French Baccalaurèat and an English BA in psychology, though I sometimes get a bit confused with my own language, Italian!!!

I’m a keen activist in PLASTIC FREE Onlus Italian Association for Pecetto. 

Plastic Free is an organization of volunteers involved in the removal of tons of plastic litter from the environment every year. I’m the organizer of a group of local people who in their free time go around the fields, roads and woodlands of Pecetto collecting rubbish that’s been dumped illegally. It’s hard but rewarding work, it’s a great organization involving millions of people, for more information you can visit our website and maybe even join in the action during your stay.

Casa Kiko is therefore very careful not to use any plastic in its hospitality and I’d like all guests to be careful about this too. Whilst developing our B&B together with our architects Walter and Marta we paid special attention to use plastic free materials and objects in full respect of our now fragile planet. 

We must all try to be as green as possible!