Get into my lab…

Kiko is a workshop, a school and a ceramic gallery.

Immersed in the countryside just outside Turin, it is a very equipped, professional and fascinating space, the result of twenty years of experience in the work of Sara Bazzano.

The space of about 100 square meters is equipped with 4 electric lathes and 1 push, two electric ovens of 50 lt and 100 lt, 2 gas ovens of 80 lt for firing in reduction and oxidation to 1300 ºC, enamels for high and low temperature and engobes.


The course hours are held on personal projects, addressing the basic techniques of lathe and molded, with respect to their own interests and specific projects, in small groups, using all the material available in the laboratory.

Individual and group courses are available daily, by appointment and on time to be agreed

We also organize
further training courses

on specific themes of glaze production, firing and ceramics processing during the year.

individual LESSONS

By reservation




In small groups



The gallery is open to the public

also by appointment to buy or to order custom-made items.
They produce mainly objects of use, decorative for the house and the garden, bijoux and bonsai vases.

For any other interest you receive by appointment.